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Here are just four of my most critically acclaimed books which can be purchased on Amazon and other online platforms, but please get in touch with me should you wish to explore my oeuvre, which includes Sales Books.

Providence – Mystery of the Soul Ties

A young woman, Jewls, struggles to choose between two loves, a boy from her childhood with whom she has long shared soul ties, and a man who has recently become connected to her soul. The characters and the events within their relationships are all connected by strange and mysterious forces of “soul connections and soul ties”, which bind our characters together with the kind of love that is deeper and more intense than anything we can imagine. This is a story about the conflict of the human spirit, as different feelings battle for domination within our heroine’s heart. Jewls is about to find out that the price of happiness can come at a heavy cost. Who will our heroine end up with if fate has its way?

Heart and Soul

The emotional being is full of wounds, infected with potent poison which can, in turn, be communicable to others we come in contact with. These wounds run deeper than anything we can ever imagine.

Declaring love to a love interest or accepting the declaration can be very frightening, as we always wonder if we would always be safe in the company of these people. We then put up barriers of protection to keep others at bay. However, those barricades also keep us inside our shells and in perpetual misery, thereby restricting our freedom to experience God’s magnitude in the form of love. Love supersedes all other emotions we may feel and if its intensity is not experienced, we are inclined to feel vulnerable. This is why we rarely open up to our mates about our past or any scars we bear, which might have a bearing on our relationships and quality thereof.

This emotion requires total surrender and this book is about the importance of that surrender. It guides us through many relationship intricacies while encouraging us to re-visit our childhood imprints that left gaping wounds which never received appropriate dressings. The idea is to allow ourselves to be free to love and to receive love freely.

Curse of the Knight

This book is dedicated to all the men and women who grew up with a void within their hearts, after either the death or divorce of their parents. At times these individuals struggle a lot as they do not deal well with rejection and abandonment. This may at times, lead to unhealthy attachment issues, including the inability to maintain good relationships. Obviously, this is due to no fault of their own but, this may have been brought about by everything that was either said or done to them in their childhood, everything that influenced them, like an environment they grew up in, adult figures that were constantly surrounding them and all pain and suffering they might have endured.

My full collection of fiction and non-fiction books may be browsed and purchased from my website, Amazon Author Page, my Goodreads Page, and my All Author Page. To hear some of the excerpts as podcasts, please visit my SoundCloud page.

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Excerpts from books:

Providence – Mystery of the Soul Ties

  • The mystery that surrounded how their souls were tied, would certainly make a great read in decades to come, but for the time being though, they had to surrender and observe, as destiny played chess with their lives, eager to prevent them from running away from it.”
  • “She felt his enigmatic presence saturating her whole office, making her shudder suddenly. ‘What was that?’ she queried her subconscious, which made itself mute for the first time, leaving her to figure things out for herself. She had allowed her mind and soul to travel to a forbidden place…, but she did it anyway. She was therefore going to have to deal with all the consequences that would ensue, as a result of that soulful visit into Jeremiah’s heart.”
  • “Theirs was a rare kind of bond and love, protected by the Cosmos and no one dared to meddle, but whoever was to risk doing so…, Lord help them!”

Heart & Soul

“Thoughts are very powerful, particularly in relationships. Whether we are aware of this or not, we are constantly thinking and speaking to ourselves. We make decisions based on thoughts, whether hasty, crude or refined. Thoughts make up most if not all of what we engage ourselves in.

This is why it is very important to always bear in mind that our thoughts and subsequent actions based on those thoughts, affect others, particularly our romantic partners. We literally become the products of our thoughts. What we advance to our mates, regarding what should be done or not, emanates from all our thoughts and perhaps even our childhood imprints that we might believe we have no control over.

It is therefore imperative that we constantly interrogate our thoughts, particularly if the subject of our thoughts will affect those we love and care about and the ones who share their lives with us. Let us remember that what we choose to think about persistently, will ultimately determine what we will become.”

Curse of The Knight

A letter written by a heart-broken mother to her daughter, who was whisked away from her by a Knight (metaphorically speaking) – the same as she was when she was younger. Is this a curse?

“My dearest Palesa,

Ngwanaka, I cannot really say I am happy about the decision you took to leave home, particularly the way you went about doing this. But, I understand. No one in their right mind can stomach the treatment that your father has subjected you to. Yes, baby, I said, “in their right mind.”

I say so because you are still in your right mind and I am not. I haven’t been alright for a very long time and your father knows that. This is why he treats me the way he does because somehow he feels justified because he saved me from myself at some point. He also knows that I can never leave him, no matter what he can do to me.

I know this might come as a shock to you my child and believe me, I never wanted you to know this but now I feel that I have to tell you. Baby, Mama is not alright. I have suffered from depression long before you were even born. My parents always felt that I was bewitched and did nothing constructive (well, according to me), to help me deal with my illness, but they kept taking me to traditional healers who all said the same thing – “This child has been bewitched.”

However, they all failed to deal with this whole hex or sprite they all claimed was put on me. Maybe I was hexed but they failed – they all failed anyway because at my age now, I am still on anti-depressants. Here’s the story I have wanted to tell you for a very long time and I hope you will take it well…”


“…I dropped my son on his head the day after he was born. We were still at the hospital as my breasts had enlarged due to the amount of milk that had accumulated because he wasn’t sucking properly. No one saw me drop him and because he didn’t cry, I assumed that it wasn’t a bad fall. I was alone in that ward that accommodated only two people. A very posh private hospital I must say!

I put her in the cot and went to the bathroom to take a bath. I did that on purpose because I knew that very soon, nurses would make their rounds and check on us. As soon as I heard the nurse calling me out, I came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and eager to establish what the commotion was about.

“Your child is not looking good. His colour is changing – look, his forehead is blue. What happened?”

My heartbeat intermittently and as I widened my eyes in shock, I responded crying, “I don’t know what happened nurse. He was fine when I left him just now to take a quick bath. I have only been in the bathroom for 10 minutes. Please please don’t tell me that my baby is dead,” I wailed.

“No, he’s still breathing but I have to call the doctor.” The nurse placed the back of her hand on my son’s chest, alternating the move by placing the same hand on his forehead.

I could not stop weeping as the nurse unsuccessfully tried to calm me down, inviting other nurses to come and see what the noise was about.

“Pick him up,” an elderly matron said to me, as soon as she reached us, as we awaited the arrival of the doctor….”


Folks, you are not ready for this one, trust me!

TRAPPED! Is a collection of short stories of those who are trapped:

  • Trapped in toxic relationships and toxic marriages;
  • Trapped in toxic friendships and can’t end these friendships because of perceived perks brought about by these inept friendships;
  • Trapped in unfulfilling careers;
  • Trapped in fulfilling careers but toxic environments;
  • Those disrespected at work simply because of their gender but they can’t leave;
  • Trapped within one’s debilitating thoughts;
  • Trapped by deadly secrets

And many more!