Pertunia Lehoka

Public Speaker | Author | Relationship Coach | Entrepreneur.
I can help you be all you were meant to be – The Universe makes no mistakes.


All the services you need to unlock the best you.

Public Speaking

My public speaking brings subjects to life, vividly and inspirationally.

All topics of my bespoke presentations are created to suit your needs, both on a personal and organisational level.


  • Childhood Imprints
  • Running Your Race
  • Listening to and Learning the Language of Your Devout Being
  • Soul Ties through Declarations, Gifts, Genetics, Gifts & Sex – as well as Strongholds
  • Forgiveness
  • Abandonment
  • Conflict
  • The Depth & Meaning of Love
  • Understanding Jealousy & Manipulation
  • The Comfort Zone is not a comfortable place
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Dealing with Feelings of Failure
  • Why he pulls away – Understanding men
  • Why she pulls away – Understanding women
  • The True Power of a Mother
  • The True Power of a Father
  • The True Power of a Woman
  • The True Power of a Man
  • The Power of The Hidden Compartment
  • What does he need from me?
  • What does she need from me?
  • You & Your In-Laws
  • Dealing with Anger, Pain, Feelings of Hurt & Betrayal and many more

Please note that all topics can be customized to suit the demographics of any audience.

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We all want to express our inner thoughts and ideas. However, you may wish to receive support in bringing them to life, and giving your story that literary touch.

As an experienced, published, and acclaimed writer, I can assist you to do just that, by helping you bring your story to life, with professional ghostwriting services.

I can also help guide you through the writing process, helping you to tell your story your way, so I can be there as much or as little as you need.

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The written word, be it a story, a speech, or web content, needs to be error-free to be taken seriously. I can help.

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International Decorum and Etiquette Tuition

The protocol is no longer relegated to the international diplomatic community alone. Knowledge of business protocol is necessary for anyone engaged in global business and exchange. We are able to research and provide information on any country in the world, where clients intend to conduct business.

Learning about the customs, etiquette, and communication styles of other countries is vital to the long-term success of corporations conducting business overseas. In order to remain competitive, it is important for each and every associate of your organization to understand the social and business customs of your foreign counterparts. Business etiquette is an integral part of different countries’ and regions’ business culture. Etiquette encompasses the prescriptive elements of culture – the things people are expected to do and say, or what they should avoid doing and saying.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Multi-cultural Etiquette
  • Cultural differences and their effects on business etiquette
  • Gender issues around the world
  • Rank and status awareness
  • World-class handshakes
  • Make your first impression count
  • Global communication styles and conversation styles

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International Trade Brokerage

We facilitate the import and export of almost any type of product or material to corporate buyers. We help in the sourcing of products and services, assisting international buyers and suppliers to connect and conclude deals.

Simply put, we are business matchmakers. We help local manufacturers conclude foreign distribution deals. Conversely, we afford foreign manufacturers the opportunity to expand and profit in the South African market. We do a similar thing for local manufacturers.

We have influential business contacts, both in South Africa and abroad, and are well-positioned to leverage these relationships, so they can benefit our clients.

We believe in connecting only honest, trustworthy, and serious buyers and sellers. We follow ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) regulations, the most widely accepted by the international trade community.

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